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There are countless ways you can choose to create a compelling headline. An excellent place to start is to write your headline first. Don't worry if it is not your best effort. You will probably need to try several before selecting the best match. Just start with a working headline to get your ideas flowing and sum up the theme of your message.

In his book Hypnotic Writing, copywriting legend, Joe Vitale highlights 30 sure-fire ways to write hypnotic headlines that attract customers. I have included just 5 of his 'trigger' types that are extremely powerful to create skillful headlines:

1. Create Curiosity

  • Revealed
  • Announcing
  • New

These words create excitement and curiosity in your reader. Everyone loves something new and always likes to be one of the first to find out the news. (Special Note: Legally to use the word 'new' your product needs to be developed or updated in the last six months).

2. The Call to Attention

  • Doctors!
  • Investors!
  • Sore Back?

It's an easy headline to write. You are calling out to your specific target audience. It's advantageous,' mainly if your product is in a small niche.

3. Sell the Benefit

  • Free from Dandruff in 24 hours!
  • Buy One try – Get the Second try free!
  • Learn Guitar in 2 Days with New Method!

People perpetually need to grasp what's in it for them. When you state the benefits or results your customer will receive from your product, you will capture their attention instantly.

4. The Captivating Question

  • What are the Seven Secrets to Unlimited Wealth?
  • Do You Make These Mistakes When Writing?
  • Which Natural Herb Boosts Your Body's Immune System?

The trick here is to ask an intriguing open-ended question. In other words, a problem that cannot be answered with either "yes" or "no." If your reader can answer your question with a yes or no, you risk losing them. They do not need to read further.

5. The 'How To' Headline

  • How to Train Your Dog to Sit
  • How to Tell once Your juvenile person is Lying
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People

This one is trendy on the internet. People go online to search for information. By placing a 'how-to' in your headline, you are meeting them exactly where their heads are at (hint hint).

Here is a little secret I'll let you in on.

Professional copywriters steal headlines from other successful ads. Yes, that's right.

Although you wouldn't technically call it 'stealing.' What they do is copy the framework of successful ads and then adapt them to suit their product.

They also use what is called their "swipe file." It's a collection of ads, headlines, and copy that they like. When it is time for them to write a headline, they instantly have a treasure trove of great ideas to help them write their compelling headline.

Once you start looking at copy from a copywriter's perspective, you will notice how many headlines get used over and over again. These are the ones that work. Take note and write them down!  Add them to your Swipe File.

Continue to study and model successful copywriters. But don't mimic their style accurately. Always be sure to use your voice and let your personality shine through the text.

Remember a punchy headline that grabs attention and sparks curiosity will always have a better chance of competing and attract far more readers.

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