How To Earn Money On YouTube Now
Youtube Earnings

You can make loads of money, or you can burn yourself out thinking about how to earn money on YouTube. I’ve found it much better to make loads of money. The idea and desire are first on the list of things you should have. If you don’t have a burning desire to earn money on YouTube, nothing is likely to happen. One thing that many people overlook is a four-letter word, and it’s called work.

You need to join YouTube if you haven’t already. It’s free. Think of what you want to make videos about and create a screen name. Remember, your screen name can’t be changed. I don’t know why YouTube does that. I guess it’s for security reasons. Maybe if they allowed name changing, it would leave folk in jeopardy for robots and spyware. Once again, I don’t know. Just remember you can’t change your screen name, so make a good one relevant to what you do. Try to make it easy to remember and simple. Don’t make a screen name like this: AndreaLox9e-2999. That name is challenging to remember. How would you expect viewers to come back if they can’t remember your screen name?

You’ll need to figure out how you’re going to get paid. There are three options. You can be a YouTube partner and get paid pennies on the dollar, or you can be an affiliate for one of the many companies available. The third option is the one I like. You can sell your products or services and get a 100% payment for sales. Having your product usually comes in time. People typically need time to get accustomed to marketing. For those of you who have your information products and services, YouTube is an excellent way to get your prospect interested in what you have. Simply do a video that leads to your sales page.

Making a video is rather straightforward, in my opinion. Maybe because I’ve been around cameras all my life, for those of you who think making a video is difficult, here are some tips. Hold the camera steady and press the button. How difficult is that? Another essential thing is to shoot the video in enough light. You need enough sun shining on your subject for the video to come out decent. Try not to shoot video in a shadow when everything else is broad daylight. Try not to shake the camera. Your video must be in a digital format for uploading it to YouTube. Your video does not have to belong. It can be concise and compelling. Short videos get a lot of viewers. Make it short and sweet. You can make a long video if you simply must. I don’t suggest long videos unless it is necessary. Slap a sales link in your YouTube description box. There are all sorts of things you can do to lead people to your sales link. Having a sales link is how big money is made. When learning how to earn money on YouTube nowadays, you don’t have to be a superstar. Almost anyone can make a living on YouTube. You can sell products and services.

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