How to generate more traffic by Article submission
Get More Traffic

Article submission is an effective traffic generation method for building good quality backlinks that will help you rank higher in Search engines like Google.

Submission of marketing articles can be used to create quality backlinks and produce targeted traffic to your website. It is easy to write your articles, but it takes a lot of time. What you can do is hire a virtual worker to write your articles for you. You can use Fiverr website to search for someone that can write you a good SEO article for only 5$. There are a lot of good article writers that can deliver what you ask.

What are Article submission directories?

A link directory is an excellent place to submit an URL of your website and secure a backlink to give a boost to your link popularity and as a result a higher possibility in your search engine rankings. Keep in mind that an Article submission directory is not a search engine, an article submission directory compiles lists of the website by categories and sub-categories. There are different ways to submit your article to article directories

Submit your articles

One method that doesn't cost any money is submitting your articles yourself manual. You submit each article manually to these directories and in the right category. It will take you a lot of time to submit your articles to more than one article directory. You will have to make sure your articles are submitted in the correct category, if you do this manual then you will be sure it's correctly done.

Submit your articles automatic.

There are free and paid directories for article submission, for example, submit your articles to more than 700 article directories. Using article submission services doesn't have to cost a lot of money, but if you want to make sure your website is submitted to the right directories with high PR, then it's better to do it yourself manual. If you're going to get a real top page rank > PR8 then its best to buy to paid directories with high PR and this will cost you big money 500+. Most paid directories have higher PR and will give you more backlinks and deep links. But before buying always do research!

What does this mean? PR0 PR1 PR2 PR3 PR4 PR5 ETC to PR 10 

  • PR means PageRank, and the number means value. 0 Is less and ten is the highest.
  • PR0 then it is the lowest possible ranking.
  • PR10 is the highest possible ranking.

Please do check the backlinks for directory submission website you use. The more backlinks the directory submission has, the better it is for your search ranking.  Most directory submission website also has the backlinks shown.

Information needed for the article directory submission

Most article directory website you will need to register to submit an article. You also need to think about the following information when submitting:

  • Name or Title of your article or website
  • Short description of your website.
  • Target Audience: teenagers, females, single group, gender, age, etc.
  • Choose the best keywords related to your Website/article.
  • You will have to choose a category from the list provided by the website Provide URL to your site.

Keep an eye on your Google or Bing webmaster account when you have submitted your article. See if there is any change in your PR ranking on Keywords. So far the Article submission.

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