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Now here is an ambitious project: deciding to make money online with Amazon means harnessing the most extensive online marketplace to generate profits for you. offers quite a few ways to accomplish the goal. Deciding which way you want to go about it is the real challenge. Let start the ball rolling with natural methods that you can set-up on your website or blog in a few hours.

  • Joining Forces with Amazon

You cannot make money online with Amazon unless you establish a relationship with them. Becoming an “Amazon Associate” is a pretty relaxed and fast process. When you visit the official site for the Amazon Affiliate Program, you will be able to learn all the details of how they deliver the promised 15% cut of their advertising revenues.

After you have supplied the details about your website or blog, you are issued a unique code that will be used to track your affiliate link activity. For now, make a note of this code because you will need this to identify the products you select to advertise.

Now that you have a valid Amazon affiliate account, which advertising method will work best for you? If you want to add a banner or sidebar to your website, Amazon can generate the code you need to insert into your website coding where you want it to appear.

On the other hand, if you want to dedicate a little more of your Internet real estate to this venture, you can select a group of products for an Amazon Page. Or you might want to create a group of product widgets that appeal to a variety of interests like music, books and DVDs all related to the theme of your website.

For instance, if your website content is focused on solar energy, you can use this as a keyword to search through Amazon to find the related products, and then create your widgets or page with them. Adding these to your website is a quick and easy way to monetize it with the power of the Amazon marketplace behind you.

  • The WordPress + Amazon Plug-in Method

For this method, it’s best to use a self-hosted blog: you download the WordPress application bundle from The alternative approach is to install WordPress via the software packages that most web host offer, that is accessed through the CPanel. The method that you choose depends on your comfort zone, but the most important thing is to be sure that all of the requirements to run the latest version of WordPress are in place with your web host.

Installing WordPress via FTP is simple; there are only a few steps in the process:

  • Get a Fresh Copy of WordPress

Download the bundle from and then upload the package to your WebHost server via FTP. Then use the Extract function in your file manager to unzip the contents into your root directory.

  • Create a database in MySql

This consists of three pieces of information that you provide; the database name, the name of the database user and the password for the database. Go to the CPanel of your web hosting account and look for the database section.

The easiest way to set-up a database is by using the “MySql Database Wizard.” Click on this button and the first thing you will see in the field for the database name starting with the name of your account, for example, mydomain_. After you fill in this field and click next, you will be asked for the database user name, and after this is entered, the next screen will ask for the database password. You will need to make a note of all three pieces of the information WITH your account name prefix (in our example mydomain_) to set WordPress up correctly.

  • Edit the WordPress Configuration File

Then go to your file manager, rename wp-config-sample.php, to wp-config.php. You will need to edit this file and enter your database information in the fields provided. Save your changes and then navigate to Here you will name your website, enter the administration email address, and the username/password you want to use. Click install and voila your WordPress blog will be ready to rock and roll with the default theme all ready to use.

A note of caution here: the current version of WordPress is 3.3.1. This version does NOT support every plug-in that you may need or want to use on your website. Using a plug-in that is not compatible with the release of WordPress that you are using can cause some severe problems with the way your WordPress application functions.

If you are only going to use this method to make money online with Amazon, create a descriptive paragraph for your posts. Remember other people are using the same standard information provided by Amazon to describe their products. By adding unique content to the jobs that are generated by the plug-in, you can make the search engine robots happy with different product-related keywords.

  • Choosing the Amazon Plug-in

There are plug-ins that you can use that are readily available through extensions library as well as a commercial plug-in for this purpose. To keep this secure, start with the non-commercial plug-in “Amazon Product in a Post” which is compatible up to WordPress 3.3.2.

Navigate to the Plug-ins section of your WordPress blog and click “Add New” and then “Search.” Type in Amazon Product in a Post in the search field and when the results appear, click “Install Now.” The next screen will show you that the plug-in has been installed, then “activate” the plug-in so it will function. Add your Amazon affiliate code; select the products you want to display and the number of products you wish to present to the plug-in settings, and you’re done.

  • Conclusion

Using either of these methods, along with proper SEO, is the key to making money online with Amazon. Still, WordPress is the fastest way to have a dedicated affiliate product site.

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