Protect yourself from Earn Money at Home Scams
Protect Yourself

Ever heard of Earn Money at Home Scams?

Many people are turning to the Internet to earn money online while working from the comfort of their home. The Internet has leveled the playing field allowing almost anyone with access to the Internet and a computer to have a chance at earning a substantial income.

However, one of the problems is that there are many scammers lurking online, waiting to cheat the hard earn money off innocent people who wants to earn money from home . Don’t get me wrong, there are many good programs out there that truly allows you to earn money online but you have to do a detailed research before joining any of this online programs.

Here are some of the ways whereby you can have added protection for your credit card or financial information when ordering anything online:

1. Use separate e-mail address for your different online activity.

You should use a different email for:

  • your online business
  • personal banking transactions
  • private mails from friend and family

Why? Well, when you input your email into unknown websites, you run the risk of having your emails to be broad casted or sold to email spammers. This may result in you having to change your email address which would cause you to lose important information that is stored in your email account. There are so many free email providers out there, thus you could easily create different email for different purposes.

2. Always ensure when purchasing something online with your credit card that the first part of the url in your browser window.

3. PayPal is another good way to protect yourself. Not only do they give you protection on your purchases, but you can also attach a credit card with your PayPal account. This gives you two levels of protections. One from PayPal and another from your credit card company.

4. Make every attempt to use companies that offer a money back guarantee when joining any earn money online programs. If you find that the information provided is not as good as what the sales page claims, you can always ask for a refund through the company.

If the online company does not offer any money back guarantee, your PayPal and credit card transactions typically offer levels of protections when purchasing goods and services online. You can make use of the service support offered by either Paypal or your credit card should you need to reverse transactions from bad purchases, items that do not work or companies that went out of business immediately after you purchased a product.

Remember, there are many Earn Money at Home Scams online. Do a thorough review of the programme before plunging in and investing your hard earn money into the programme!

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