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After meandering around the internet for months, I had created blogs that didn’t do what many colleagues had told me a blog would do for you. I tried several traffic grabbers without much success and finally landed on a page that offered me a program using SEO building a blog.

Because of the many unsuccessful products I had tried, I was very wary but trusted this one for some obscure reason that escapes this brain. Something suggested the old catchphrase I always refer to ‘get back to basics’ would win. I’ve now learned to be a Guidance Girl. That could be something like a Girl Guide, but anyway, I’ll guide you there. I don’t know how far and full Girl Guides go, but it’s big here in Australia. My grandchildren were in the Cubs, and that is similar.

Number one in Search Engines

To solve a problem, you need to get to the root of the problem. If you have a mad and fuzzy digestive system, you need to stop doing what is causing it, or the condition worsens. Read about natural remedies on if this got your eye, but remember to come back, won’t you? This also applies when using SEO building a blog. OK, this is an extensive comparison but describes the situation. If you’re looking for high tech information in this article, you may be surprised or disappointed. This is the basics, but they are basics that many marketers get wrong. I know that because I see my site ranking for my keyword just about every day. Make your plan and then implement it.

There are many reasons for getting number one. However, the primary goals are getting the setup right the first time. If you don’t do this in using SEO building a blog, you will struggle with your site always. There is a lot to consider, but I’m outlining the main points here.

The Keyword

• Do thorough research, and if you don’t know how to get a product or two to show you how to research keywords. If you use the software, do it manually as well. If people mail them to you, research them before using them. What was that word? Oh, it was ‘Research.’

• Find the primary keyword that would be suitable as a domain name also and get it registered. Make sure you can write about it.

• Use your keyword in the heading of a sticky post, which is in the main viewing area of your site. If you have a video to feature, use it here with this heading or else use an image. Remember to name the file with part of your keyword correctly, and make your image size to suit and the same with the video, get it right.

• Find several keywords of varying lengths, i.e., include some long ones. Make sure to research your keywords, as they will be lost if they are not viewed. Too many or too little searches for them will destroy them for you.

• Use all or part of the keyword in the file name of a video or image for each keyword in each post.

• Organize several post headings and subjects with your keywords before setting up your blog and post in a suitable timeframe.

• Use the keyword in the description of your theme when posting, i.e., title, keyword, meta description.

This is a skill in itself, so don’t take it lightly with a ‘that will do’ attitude while using SEO building a blog if you want Google searches to find you. Don’t be at the railway station when your ship comes in. Remember that this is a basic overview, and if you are looking for something to up the game a little, just doing the above will help. I think that you may as well go the whole hog, as a hit and miss often misses.

A Theme

It is important to upload the tools to help your site to rank well. A theme can make all the difference. I was guided to some uploads that included a topic. The subject ranks my number one, and the program that is supposed to rate me didn’t even work because the download wasn’t upgraded.

Having your site look pretty isn’t the primary concern. Of course, if you are skilled in doing this, it will be more attractive to visitors. My website has this avatar on top I can’t get rid of, but it ranks first still. You can do this as a beginner using SEO, building a blog if you have a good teacher. The biggest surprise I got, when I overcame a fear of creating a blog, was how easy it is.

The Posts

As you will have gathered from the above info, each of your posts needs to contain a different keyword. Use it in the heading and your post. If you publish your post as an article, just lay low with the keywords, or some of them will fly you high out the window.

This is not the ‘do all and end all’ of using SEO building a blog, but if you get into my Earning Online Program through this REPORT HERE, I’ll guide you to how you create a successful SEO blog with expert guidance.

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