Ways to Make Money Online
Make Money Online

As we browse the net, we always see ads about making money online. Some claim even to earn hundreds of dollars per hour–as long as you sign up for their program or buy their materials. But below are some proven ways of making money online. They are easy to do and could be done in your spare time.

1. Blogging. Blogging, or weblogging, was first just an online diary that eventually became the voice of people who are not employed as journalists or professional writers. So many authoritative articles have already been written online, and they were used to build or destroy people, businesses, and products. But you can also use blogging to earn some money because many people pay bloggers to do publicity stunts for them.

a. Paid blogging sites. After you have maintained your website for at least 90 days and you have sufficient blog posts, you can sign up in paid blogging sites like Review Me, Payu2blog, Social Spark, Payperpost, Blogitive and many more. The older and more popular your blog, the better the chances of getting in their system.

b. Direct advertisers. If your blog has some popularity, there will be publicists, promoters, and companies that will approach you to place ads in your blog. Direct advertisers pay better than paid blogging sites because there is no more management fee. The higher the Pagerank of your blog, the higher the pay is.

c. Paid reviews. Companies may contact you, or you may make the first move so that you can review their products and then get paid. Sometimes, you will not be paid, but you get the products that you studied for free.

d. Ads. Some advertisers will contact you directly to post ads on your site.

2. Paid to Post (PTP). You can sign up in forums like Mylot and get paid per post. Some forums pay like a cent per job, so many people post and post without maintaining the quality of the content. As for Mylot, they follow a particular algorithm that only a very few understand. But it is more about quality of content and exchange of ideas.

3. Pay to Click (PTC). There are sites like Neobux, Onbux, Scarlet Clicks and the like that will pay you to click and read their ads. You have to keep the ads open for a specified duration (like 30 seconds) so that you will get paid. If you do not have downlines or referrals, however, it takes a long time to reach payout just by clicking. So try to build your referrals, or you can buy from their packages.

4. Affiliate Marketing. Some companies have referral systems to their businesses. You can put up a link in your site, and if people buy or sign up from your referral link, then you earn.

5. Online Selling. Take advantage of the internet to become an online entrepreneur. You can sign up for eBay or use your Facebook to sell stuff online. Or you can set up your online shopping site.

6. Virtual Assistance or becoming a Virtual Assistant. Sites like getafreelancer.com and odesk.com is like a job management site where employers are connected with people who can do stuff for them. These assistants are called virtual because the communication is merely done through chat or web conferencing. A personal meeting is not necessary. Many virtual assistants earn an average of $4 t0 $8 per hour and you can have flexitime.

7. Ghostwriting. This is some form of virtual Assistance but mostly done on the personal level. Some bloggers need to fill up their blogs, and they hire Ghost Writers (GWs) to write for them.

This list of schemes to make money online is open-ended. I will try to add some more as I get more resources. But these are the most common, the easiest, and the surest way to earn online. The earnings may not be huge at first, but as long as you persist and study, you can become an internet millionaire anytime.

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