Your Best Guide To Youtube Partner Earnings 2020
Make money from YouTube

YouTube has taken the user's experience to a subsequent level. The Partnership program isn't available to everyone, and your channel has to become very popular to be considered.   A partnership with Google Adsense allows partners to post their videos for Youtube Partner earnings from the revenue share program.  Many are hoping to get on YouTube's Partnership program bandwagon, realizing the profitability for companies and individuals alike. Companies will have the best of both worlds with monetary gain, plus giving them the edge to broadcast to a broad audience.

A Partnership with YouTube is an excellent way to create online profit with the videos you place online. There are a couple of different ways to gain YouTube Partner earnings, either from producing particular videos or monetizing your whole profile. Your first option is the best choice as you post videos that you don't own, but to earn income the 2nd way, you have to fill out a formal application. The Partnership program is only available by invitation. If you've received thousands of hits to a video that you've posted, then you will get an email from YouTube inviting you to the Partnership program. The email will be sent to the email that's on your YouTube profile account.

The Partnership program is almost similar to the IVP, with the exception of all the uploaded videos will earn you income. Your videos will be displayed with Google Adsense ads, and what you earn is calculated by how many times the ads are clicked, and all videos must be your own.  You must be a U.S. citizen or live in Ireland, Mexico, Argentina, or one of the 27 countries to qualify for the partnership. YouTube is looking for a variety that includes quality and audience size.  Of course, your YouTube Partner earnings will be through Google, and your funds are based entirely on the generated revenue from Google ads.

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