Copywriting is becoming a trendy career choice in this economy of layoffs and pays decreases. Why? Because those copywriters who perfect the art can earn a very comfortable income, several earn up to six figures. So how do you become one of those well-paid copywriters? In this article, I am going to outline seven quick tips that you should follow in every copy you produce.

First, read your copy. Read it at least five times. If you don't think it's interesting enough to read, then your audience won't either. As you read, pay attention to each sentence. Does it make your readers want to read the next one? Does it show the reader what benefit he or she will receive from reading your copy? Does it fulfill the promise made in the title?

Second, don't try to impress your readers with long words. it doesn't mean you have to talk dumb to your readers, but when the word "rules" will suffice, use "regulations." Short, to the point words, are more effective.

Third, keep the sentences short and to the point. Don't ramble on. Don't use semi-colons, clauses, or run-on sentences. Use specific facts such as "1 out of 5" or "less than 10%." If particular dollar amounts are available, use those. Also, only make one point in each paragraph.

Fourth, imagine you are talking to a real person. Envision the reader sitting front you, reading your copy. Write as if you were talking to them and target your message to that audience. Remember, your "reader" needs to fit the target audience of this copy.

Fifth, speak the language of a speaker, not a literary writer. What makes some salesmen so successful? They talk to the buyer and identify with their concerns and needs. Your copy should do the same. Infuse your writing with a conversational tone.

Sixth, research the topic of your copy. Research each topic. You can't be an effective salesman or a credible writer if you don't know what you're writing. Why is your particular product or article better than another? What makes your copy more worthy of a reader's time? Remember, you need to quickly prove to the reader that they want to read your text.

Seventh, research the art of copywriting. Take tips from the pros. Learn from those who have mastered the art. Many excellent books have published on this topic, and you can save a lot of trial-and-error time by learning from their experience.

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