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Remote jobs have, in recent years, become extremely popular among college students, especially those with a particular set of online skills like system programming, web design, internet marketing and article writing. Demand for online freelance services has led to the creation of numerous freelancing websites where college students can get freelance projects.

One of these freelancing sites that have continued to shine brightly over the others is Elance. Elance has been described by many as being able to offer freelancers a professional front and an excellent platform for enthusiastic workers to succeed. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Elance to be your source for freelancing jobs as a college student.

Access a wide selection of freelance jobs

Elance has distinguished itself as one of the freelance websites that offer a very comprehensive selection of jobs. As a college student, you will have an extensive collection of jobs to test your skills and choose the most appropriate one for you. Ranging from web design to translation, server administration to legal assistance, you have numerous options to analyze and test your skills on.

Free testing

Workers at have an opportunity of completing some free tests offered by the site to dazzle potential employers by giving their profile a boost. This precisely helps you to showcase your knowledge and expertise in a specific project subject and shine out from the rest of the crowd. While other freelancing sites have this service, it is, however, available at a charge.

Hidden details 

As a college student working on freelance jobs, you don’t necessarily have to show other freelancers and potential employers all the money you have accumulated throughout your freelance career. Fortunately for you, Elance makes it possible for you to set such information as private, and this ensures that it doesn’t in any way affect your potential of employment freelancing jobs.

The site also has some intricate privacy settings preventing other freelances from seeing information that you want to remain private and confidential to you.

Less competition

Being a relatively small website compared to more significant sites like, competition isn’t as stiff as such at Elance. This gives a better chance of succeeding in your freelancing career. You only get to vie for a project with a handful of other contenders, and the likelihood of you being awarded the project if you have the set of skills required is high.

Intricate profiling

Users of Elance get to create their profile, which can be seen by potential employers. Profiles at this site are very comprehensive and provide sufficient data that clients can use to ascertain your talents and work quality. This is advantageous for you as a college student in two ways.

To start with, lower bidders providing poor quality work do not get preference over you just based on their more economical price. Secondly, this creates an excellent platform where you can showcase your samples, illustrate and explain your principle through their five-star rating reputation system.

High regard for quality

Some of the alternative freelance sites have, over time, decreased considerably in quality as they are flooded with many people working at low prices. Such freelancers usually offer low quality; shabby work and clients have reciprocated in hiring workers who charge low prices on the projects.

However, Elance is one of the few sites that have succeeded in maintaining its integrity. As a college student, it is highly unlikely that you will find low priced projects, and this enhances your potential to earn more. The lowest bid you can place on a project at Elance is $20, and quality workers are thus able to compete reasonably.

A phenomenal feedback system provides a feedback system that is highly comprehensive and phenomenal. Here, both sides of your story are given, enabling potential employers to understand the circumstances entirely. Your score is broken down in detail depending on stars earned on a project completed and comments also included.

If a client comments you unfairly, you have an opportunity of counteracting it by giving your view as to what exactly transpired. College students thus don’t have to worry about one-sided arguments that can end up discrediting them unfairly.


So, why don’t you try Elance? This extremely comprehensive website has a high possibility for beginners in the world of freelancing, making it in their career. You need to have the interest to work and the right skills to succeed.

Also, the protection policies of the site are stringent, which gives you more reasons to check it out. As a college student, Elance might be the stepping stone you need to make it in your freelancing career.

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